365: A Year of Photography Challenge

The challenge

The 365 challenge is to take a photograph and post it online every day for a year.

I’ve taken part in this challenge in 2020, and in 2017/18 and after vowing never to do the challenge again during 2020, my friend Tess and I decided to give it another go! We’ve always done the challenge together, we always say “never again” and we seem to always come back to it.

Although in 2020 I did inevitably fail to post on a couple of days during the second and third lock downs of the year, I am glad I did do the challenge in such an unusual year. I have high hopes for 2022 being less unusual but I’m not betting on it. It seems every new year looks to last one and says “You thought that was bad, hold my beer!”

I will attempt to post one photo a day here for the whole of 2022 sometimes I may write a little about what I’ve taken and why, sometimes it might just be a photo. But this is the place to come and see my 2022 Photo challenge.

Today’s photo: New Year Rainbow

Green grass in the fore ground gives way to browner long grass and small shrubs. ON the horizon there are low scrubby trees and an electricity pylon  in the distance on the right. Curving from the centre of the horizon up into the sky towards the right is a rainbow It disappears into cloud before reaching its zenith. The sky is made up of a band of grey cloud and a slither of blue which is topped with more grey and white clouds with patches of deep blue sky in the far right hand corner of the image. In the far left hand of the horizon there is an extremely faint hint of another rainbow.
Rainbow over Biggleswade Common: Taken with Nikon Z50 16 – 50mm lens

I took this photo on a walk around Biggleswade Common. It wasn’t actually raining nor sunny where I was sitting when I took it, but obviously it was elsewhere to create this rainbow. Once I looked at the photos I noticed that it was in fact a double Rainbow which is even better. I always associate rainbows with hopefulness. I’ve often noticed them at times of sorrow and grief and to see one on New Year’s Morning means a lot me as a sign of hope. Yeah I’m a sentimental, silly, sop sometimes 🙂

I hope you enjoy my photographs during 2022 and that you have a very peaceful and joyful New Year, and a wonderful 2022!

Day 14: Jordan’s Mill

A portrait image of a winter tree, It's trunk is green with algae and the setting sun is shining on to the trunk from the right. In front of the tree there are long golden grasses again being lit by the setting sun. The branches are skeletal against a bright blue sky.
Golden Hour Tree: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 -50mm lens

It was another bright, cold and slightly hazy winters day today. It being my day off, I decided to make the most of it with a walk to Jordan’s Mill. From my house it takes about an hour for me to walk to the Mill half of that is alongside the river Ivel and farmers fields.

At the mill I had a hearty bowl of soup and a coffee and wandered around the gardens taking some photos of the brightly coloured cabbages and kale they have growing. All the pictures I took today are on my Flikr page.

A landscape image of an open field, in the centre of the image is a modern building with a grey roof and long glass windows. Outside the building are white umbrellas and tables and chairs which are catching the light. To the right of the building there are tall winter poplar trees. To the left is a large pale mill building slightly obscured by a large tree and sunlight.
Jordan’s mill from across the meadow. Taken with my Nikon Z50 16mm lens

The view above is taken from the meadow at Jordan’s Mill which in the spring and summer is full of wild flowers, bees and butterflies.

Day 12: Frost

A portrait image with a single stem of wheat in focus, behind it are blurred stalks and heads of wheat. The tufts of its ear are frosted making it look like it is glowing white. The colour of the image is predominantly beige and sable with some darker shades of grey and black.
Frosted wheat (not a breakfast cereal) Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 – 50mm lens

This morning dawned cold and sunny. It was -1 celsius (30 Fahrenheit) when I left the house at 9:00AM. The field opposite my house was busy with dog walkers crunching through the frosty grass. The photo is of a strand of some wheat like grasses that grow around a small pond near by. The pond was iced over and very still. The sun was slightly obscured by cloud so the light wasn’t too harsh.

I took a few other photos this morning which are on my flickr page.

The new lens I’ve been using this year is not the best for bokeh but it does seem good for sharper images and macro like images of things like raindrops. It’s very good for landscapes and I’m sure it will be good for portraits. Still I really do love my prime lens with it’s f/1.8 so I may switch back to that tomorrow for a comparison.

Day 11: Raindrops on raindrops

A close up image of leaves fanning out from a central stem, taken from above so the long thin leaves create a full rosette effect. Each of the thin green leaves is smothered in silvery spheres of raindrops. The background is blurred green and orange stripes against black.
Raindrops on a hebe: Taken with my Z50 50mm lens

Today is my first day back at work after the Christmas and New Year break. Although I only have 9 working days left at Scope, where I currently work. So it’s all a bit strange knowing that I don’t actually have long there and I’ll be handing my work over to someone else at the end of the month.

Today is wet and dreich again. But I managed to dash out into the garden to take some photos of raindrops. The above picture is from my flower border. The ever green Hebe leaves seem perfect for catching raindrops. Anyway I think its a hebe I seem to have so many and they all look different! But the flowers are similar.

Here’s hoping for some brighter weather tomorrow!

Day 9: Neighbourhood cat

A close up image of a black and white cat's face. His ears and forehead are black. He has white cheeks and front though there is a splash of black fur on his chin. His eyes are yellow and his nose pink. He has his tongue out making a curved frown like shape.
Cheeky neighbourhood cat: Taken with my Nikon Z50 with 16 -55mm lens

I went out for a short walk today, intending on taking a photo of some winter berries or maybe the bright yellow gorse. I did exactly that but as I turned the corner on to our street I came face to face with this neighbourhood cat. He is our cat Kasumi’s arch nemesis and from the look on their face and their cheeky tongue they didn’t appreciate me taking a photo of them. But it had to be my photo of the day. Cheeky cats win.

Day 8: Fairytale clothing

Cream coloured cloth with designs drawn on it in a subtle fairytale style illustration. The top of the illustration is in brown and of a tree. Beneath that is the profile of a woman with a large nose holding out an orange apple. Opposite her is the image of a young girl reaching to take the Apple.
Snow White being offered the Apple by the wicked stepmother.

Today has been dark and dreich so I’ve stayed indoors playing video games and listening to audio books. The photo I’ve chosen for today is part of the sleeve of my top which I bought in Japan. It’s an unusual design of sketches scenes from fairytales. The sketched image in the picture above is of Snow White being offered the poisoned apple.

Day 7: Kasumi

A close up image of a grey fluffy cat curled up on a stripy duvet. The cat is looking up and into the camera. Sun light shines through her ears making them glow. Her eyes are a pale yellow / green. Her chin is white. She has tabby stripes above her eyes. Her chest and tummy are a beige colour whilst the rest of her body is dark grey and mid grey swirls. Her tail is curves around her body and striped. She has one paw outstretched.
Kasumi cat: Taken with my Nikon Z50 with 16 – 50 mm lens

Today’s photo for the 365 Challenge is, the first of what no doubt will be many, of Kasumi my little grey cat. She is called Kasumi because it means misty or foggy in Japanese. She is very fluffy. Like all cats she loves sleeping and lazing about. She loves to snuggle and have cuddles, often sleeping on Jason’s tummy or along his side. She prefers to sleep either on my lap or curled up resting against my legs. She loves food and you can’t say the word out loud in our house with out her running to her bowl. She’s short tempered but forgets what has made her cross quite swiftly. She is clever, loves playing and chasing balls or just chasing leaves around the garden. She hates birds and chatters at them loudly when she sees them, but she’ll not catch one with the amount of noise she makes chattering at them.

The best thing about Kasumi is the warmth and calm she brings to our home. Also the best things about Kasumi are the little interludes of chaos she brings dashing about the place, attacking Christmas decorations, just being a cat. She helps my mental health immeasurably and I hope we help hers as well by giving in to just about her every whim.

Day 6: Christmas Past

I always find 6th January a sad day as in the UK Christmas decorations are usually taken down on the evening of the 5th and Christmas lights switched off. Although this is a modern invention as in the past decorations were kept up until Candlemas on the 1st of February which seems very sensible to me. Keep the light and cheer going through out the dark and cold month of January.

But I did take down my Christmas wreath from the front door yesterday and so today is a photo of it on our garden table.

A close up macro image of part of a Christmas wreath against green fir and holly leaves, there is a purple and gold ribbon snaking through the centre of the image. In the bottom of the image there is a cinnamon stick tied with cream string and two small shiny purple baubles. In the centre amongst the ribbon is a pine cone and frosted purple baubles. At the top of the image there is blurred twine, pine cone and shiny purple baubles.
Christmas Past: Taken with my Nikon Z50 with 16 -50mm lens

I was reading on Wikipedia about Epiphany and came across a description of “Little Christmas” which is celebrated in Ireland. It’s described as a day for women to celebrate Christmas by themselves in an acknowledgement that women do most of the work in the run up to and over Christmas. Apparently now a days its usually celebrated by women getting together to have a meal or go to the pub together, which sounds like a grand idea to me.

I do wish we celebrated epiphany more in modern UK, not from a religious point of view just from a more traditional point of view. The 6th January used to mark the end of Christmas in a much more definite way than just packing away decorations for another year.