Day 4: Hope

A year ago today my nephew Lewis passed away, suddenly, just shy of his 22nd birthday.

Today I wanted to take a photograph which symbolises hope, as well as sharing a couple of photos and memories of Lewis.

A landscape image of a macro shot of a purple hebe flower which is in the centre of the image. The flower is made up of three open flowers with buds arranged above it in a triangle. The open flowers have four petals which are paler purple in the centre. Surrounding the flower are red stems with green and burgundy leaves.
Purple Hebe flower on a cold January day: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 – 50 mm lens

I’ve chosen the photo above for one of my pictures for today because even in the midst of winter, and today was really quite cold, you can find delicate flowers blooming, bringing colour and hope. I also love the purple of the new leaves against the green.

Whilst I was out walking looking for a photograph to take, two geese flew right over my head. I saw them coming towards me and then as they passed just a few feet above me, the noise of their wings was mesmerising. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. I managed to get a photo of them as they flew away from me but not when they were over head. But in a way I am glad because the sound of their wings was so magical; a picture would never do justice to the feeling I had watching them and hearing their wings beat.

There was something about the encounter, the fact they were a pair and seemed to be connected by an invisible link, that made me feel hopeful again. Hopeful that through all the grief my family has lived with over this last year, our invisible bonds hold us together and hold Lewis close in our hearts.

A black and white landscape shot of clouds. There are two silhouettes of geese flying away. The one on the left has its wings in a V its long neck is angled down and its beak and head ca be seen in profile. The second bird on the right has its wings spread wide and is neck and head are stretched out ahead.
Back and white geese: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 – 50mm lens

Lewis was my eldest nephew and as the photograph below shows perfectly what a wonderful big brother he was to his 4 younger sisters. The baby he is holding is his sister Matilda, who is now 10!

A young boy holds a small baby in his arms. He has dark brown curly hair and his eyes are looking down at the baby so only his lids and long lashes can be seen. The baby his resting her hand on his neck and she has thick dark hair. The boy is wearing a pale yellow top.
Lewis holding his youngest sister Matilda

My memories of Lewis are all happy ones, like hunting for blood sucker insects with him at my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. Braving the crowds at Hamleys toyshop to get him a motorbike model for Christmas. Laughing with him after he was told off for putting too much vinegar on his chips as I added some more for him. The time he learnt to ride his bike (picture below just look at the determination on his face) or making pancakes for him and his sisters on a Sunday morning. Or when he was older, feeling proud for how he campaigned to get a skate park built by the council.

A boy wearing a blue jacket and jeans is riding a blue bike. He has one foot on the pedal and one on the ground. He has dark wavy hair and dark eyes, He is pursing his lips in concentration. He is in a carpark with a hedge behind him.
Lewis learning to ride his bike in January 2007

We miss you Lewis. And I just want to send love to everyone who is missing him also. xxx

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